Compound Wall

The following principles should be strictly followed while construction. For any defects in the compound wall will have disastrous consequences.
Regular PlotThe Eastern and Northern walls should be thinner and shorter.Western and Southern walls should be thicker and higher.Slope in the plot should be from SouthWest to NorthEast only.Care to be taken while making slope for the ground that even afterwards South & West wall are higher and thicker that North & Eastern walls.The heights of the compound walls be measured from the main construction floor level only.There shall be no spikes or glass pieces on Northern and Eastern walls. For this obstructs inflow of energy.

Skewed PlotNorthEast compound wall should be thinner and shorter.SouthWest compound wall should be thicker and higher.Walls on SouthEast and NorthWest should be similar in height and thickness. (thinker than NorthEast wall but thinner than SouthWest wall and higher than NorthEast wall and shorter than SouthWest wall…

Costruction on New Plot as per Vastu

CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLES AS PER VASTU If on roof/terrace kitchen, toilet, bedroom are constructed, a sunk will have to be made to collect all the drainage water and a pipe line would have to be laid along the roof to drain the same. This would cause construction being heaver and thicker in relevant directions on the roof and this would cause benevolent or malevolent effects. For this reason that no sunk be constructed on the terrace and the drainage pipes be carried only West, SouthWest or South sides.

Rules of Construction as per Vastu


Plot may be regular or skewed, digging for foundation should start always from NorthEast and proceed towards NorthWest & SouthEast simultaneously. Further form NorthWest & SouthEast start simultaneously towards SouthWest.Bhumipuja (prayer prior to start of construction) is done in NorthEast only. There after dig water tank / well / bore well towards East / North / NorthEast. While doing so ensure that the prayer place is towards SouthWest.For foundation work start from SouthWest and proceed simultaneously towards NorthWest & SouthEast. Further on proceed simultaneously from NorhWest & SouthEast towards NorthEast.Even while building the walls, the sequence of foundation construction only should be followed. Due care be taken such that at the end of the day, Eastern, NorthEastern and Northern walls are not higher than Western, SouthWestern and Southern walls. Nor thicker either.Frontage/verandah/each room - their floor level shall be such that wh…

Place of Family Members in House

PLACE OF FAMILY MEMBERS IN HOUSE / BEDROOMNature has allotted specific place to each member of the family. Irrespective of the road side if there be vastu defects at these places the respective members would seriously be affected.

Beneficial Plot / Building

BENEFICIAL PLOT / BUILDING ACCORDING TO VASTUSome plots / buildings are given below in natural positions. If any plot / Building is in these natural positions then that is very good. It these properties, major vastu defects affects minor.
IF THERE IS ROAD IN ALL THE THE FOUR SIDE OF PROPERTY  Being road in all around the plot / building is very good. Residents here will be healthy, soft tempered, religious and devoted to God. They will be high posted in society and will not face financial stringency.
BEING ROAD THRUST IN THE SHOWN PLACES Road thrust is very good in the shown portions of plot / building. REGULAR PLOT

NorthEast Road Hit: Being road thrust at the Northeast corner of the plot / building, residents will be intelligent, religious, laborious, honest, educated and high posted. Financial condition will be good. Special benefits to head of the family and first child.

North-NorthEast Road Hit: Being road thrust at the Northeast corner of the plot / building, females will be intel…

Building Shape

EFFECT OF SHAPE OF THE BUILDING / BEDROOM North, South, SouthEast & NorhtWest predominantly influence female folk

In the building / bedroom, North South direction is longer than East West directions. In such houses / bedroom the lady folk would be dominant.

In the building / bedroom, SouthEast NorthWest direction is longer than NorthEast SouthWest direction. In such houses / bedroom the lady folk would be dominant.
In this construction / bedroom, the female portions are constricted in size. In such constructions, there may not be any female folk or they may be even dead. If there be main door on the constricted side and only one family lives in such place, the adverse effects are minimal.

If the construction / bedroom is as shown, the influence of female folk will be maximum. If however main door is on the constricted side and only one family is living there, such effects are minimized. East, West, NorthEast & SouthWest predominantly influence male folk

In the building / bedroom, …

Central Area

FIXATION OF CENTRAL & PRIME CENTRAL AREA Plot / Construction / Bedroom & its central area

If a plot / construction / hall or room be say 45 x 27 feet - divide the same into 9 parts as shown. The middle portion is central area measuring 15 x 9 feet.  Divide the middle area further into 9 parts as shown. 
      The marked area is prime central area. Changes in the position of Central Area

If by construction of a balcony, the length of the plot / construction / hall / room increases such divisions as explain in figure 1 get modified as shown in figure 2.  For example if balcony is 6 feet, length of the total plot becomes 51 feet. Accordingly central area now be 17 x 9 feet (as opposed to 15 x 9 feet earlier) and prime central area would be 3 x 5.6 feet (as oppose to 5 x 3 feet earlier.) Fixation of central area of plot / construction If there be defect in the central area of a plot / construction / any room / floor (storey) / a room or any floor / terrace, its effects is marginal…